Welcome to TRAPBOT.NET
TRAPBOT started as a private external CS:GO legit cheat back in late 2015.
In may 2016 TRAPBOT started leaning against switching up to internal.     
When the internal version was being coded, the external project was being 
sold publicly on several forums, but at a limited quantity.               
TRAPBOT was later split up in two different products, TRAPBOT Internal    
which is kept private and TRAPBOT External, which is still being sold.    
TRAPBOT Internal has been a success so far, and it is far from being done!

TRAPBOT External
TRAPBOT External is a exclusive and well performing legit cheat for CS:GO.
It is filled with features to keep you legit-looking, while performing    
like a beast! It is utterly customizable with its many features whether   
weapon config is being used or not. TRAPBOT External has never ever been  
struck by any VAC detection, which means that it has clean VAC record.    

TRAPBOT Internal
TRAPBOT Internal is a super exclusive, both rage and legit cheat for CS:GO.
It has been kept private ever since, and will probably never go public as  
a "pay to cheat". TRAPBOT Internal is still being coded and worked on, and 
it is really far from done. Even though it is far from done it really does 
compete against other legit cheats especially with its absolutely supreme  
legit tab, filled with dozen of features for legit-looking gameplay such as
an fully customizable aimbot and an absolutely perfect triggerbot.         
Not only is TRAPBOT Internal filled with features for legit gameplay, it   
also has bunch of rage features made for hack versus hack situations.      
It even has a bunch of miscellaneous stuff, such as bunny hop, namespam and
alot of other fun features to play around with. TRAPBOT Internal is gonna  
have alot more features added, and will only improve, day by day.          
TRAPBOT Internal has never been struck by any VAC detection.